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Post # 44
17-12-2008 | 10:27
Season's Greetings to all Sons of Silence in Germany. We wish you a Righteous 2009! Also our congratulations to the new chapter Viernheim with your new status in the S.O.S. MC-nation. L&R from Companeros MC Alkmaar HOLLAND/ Doc 88-Original.
Post # 43
17-12-2008 | 08:33
Hallo Jungs ! Wir wünschen euch und euren Familien ein ruhiges und besinniches Weihnachten ! Wir sehen uns im Januar ! Lg MF Silver Ladys Bavaria
Sons of Silence MC South Ce
Post # 42
17-12-2008 | 08:13
Wir wünschen allen unseren Chaptern, Supportern, Freunden und deren Familien ein frohes und gesundes Weihnachtsfest und einen gelungenen Start ins neue Jahr 2009.

Sons of Silence
Motorcycle Club
South Central Munich
Halfbreed Mike
Post # 41
16-12-2008 | 16:51
The Sons of Silence supporters Fl. would like to wish all the Sons of Silence Germany Brothers and their loved ones a safe and happy holiday season, We are looking forward to seeing you all down here in sunny S.W. Florida real soon. Til' then much love & respect! S.Y.L.S.O.S.
MF-Geisenhausen NdB.
Post # 40
15-12-2008 | 21:08
Die Supporter aus Geisenhausen gratulieren dem Vollchapter aus Viernheim und wünschen Euch viel Erfolg.

Post # 39
15-12-2008 | 19:14
Gratulation und Repect zum Vollchapter Status...Aufrecht weiter so Jungs.
Powergrüße aus dem Westerwald nach Viernheim zu unseren Freunden.

Hope too see you in June WW

Gruß River WFC
Sons of Silence MC South Ce
Post # 38
15-12-2008 | 11:25
Das Chapter South Central Munich gratuliert dem Chapter Viernheim herzlich zum Vollchapter Status .. Jungs das habt ihr euch verdient

Love & Respect
Sons of Silence MC
South Central Munich
MC Gladiator´s
Post # 37
14-12-2008 | 22:03
Hallo Freunde wünschen Euch und Euren Familien frohe Weihnachtstage,und einen Guten Rutsch in Neue Jahr. Hoffe man sieht sich bald mal wieder. In Freunschaft und Respekt Nobbs Presi MC Gladiator´s
SOS MC J W to the Core & Mo
Post # 36
14-12-2008 | 02:39
Ain't but one thing to say to all...I love ya'! End of message. Anybody want to touch base w/ me here in the great Nor'west, come on w/it! Til then, remember, each & every day is a Sons Day!
SOS MC J W to the Core &Mor
Post # 35
14-12-2008 | 02:34
Just received your cards & wanted to say,"Thanx!" to each & everyone of my brothers. Has been tuff getting back into the "world" but this is better than anything good ol' Ned & Ted has ever gave me. Slowly but surely, I'm jumping thru each & every hoop thats been set up in front of me. Just keep on keepin' on 'cuz I damn sure ain't givin' up...nothing! My best to all, this & every day. Remember? Every day is a Sons Day!
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