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SOS Fishook
Post # 1804
06-20-2022 | 18:50
Wishing all my German Brothers well. SFFS.
Denver Colorado Ken
Post # 1803
05-19-2022 | 10:51
It was very good to be in Germany’ in Bavaria with the best brotherhood in the world. You have a very good looking country the best beer and beautiful women.
Thank you Pfarrkirchen for everything. I would need 1000 words to express that so I’ll spare you all. SFFS
Denver Ken
Post # 1802
01-01-2022 | 00:44
To my German Brothers and their families. May the New Year end the madness and make it possible for us all to be together again. You are missed and loved by many. To good health and happiness, and Brotherhood, Prost!
Post # 1801
12-31-2021 | 21:05
Allen Sons, Probates, Prospects und Supporter sowie ihren Familien einen guten Rutsch und ein gesundes neues Jahr


Hawk 1%er Retired
Post # 1800
12-26-2021 | 10:38
Wishing all the Sons a Happy Christmas
SOS Gangkofen
Post # 1799
12-24-2021 | 13:29
Wir wünschen unseren Brüdern, Probates, Prospects, Supportern, Freunden und deren Familien ein Frohes Fest und ein Gesundes Neues Jahr 2022.

Sons of Silence MC
SOS Gangkofen
Post # 1798
11-17-2021 | 19:19
Unser Aufrichtiges Beileid geht an unseren Bruder Klaus 1%er zum Verlust seiner Mutter.

Sons of Silence MC
Chapter Pfarrkirchen
Post # 1797
11-16-2021 | 18:31
Unser Aufrichtiges Beileid geht an unseren Bruder Klaus 1%er zum Verlust seiner Mutter.

Sons of Silence MC
Post # 1796
08-17-2021 | 17:07
Ich will mich hier nochmal bedanken bei den Probates Kutzi und Preisel, die mich mit Hilfe von Markus und Echel in ein saugeiles Junggesellenabschiedswochenende entführt haben.
Ebenso Danke an meine Brüder und die Proben aus Pfarrkirchen.

Ihr seid klasse.

Barbar 1%er
Ricky Shuler
Post # 1795
07-25-2021 | 06:02
Hi my name's Rick Shuler. Danny Shuler a/k/a dutch was my cousin. He was the National Enforcer for the Son's back in 1990, the 50th year of Sturgis. Him and his patch Brother Brian Young got into a bar room fight with 29 outlaws mc. Guess who won. Every time he'd tell the story he'd never leave out when he started to whoop ass he was on his knees. A godly man. Alot of things need to change with our Nation's. Starting with the clergy. From my 25thousand hours of study - it's bad misunderstanding that's preventing Heaven for all (including Those past) irs.
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