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Ricky Shuler
Post # 1795
07-25-2021 | 06:02
Hi my name's Rick Shuler. Danny Shuler a/k/a dutch was my cousin. He was the National Enforcer for the Son's back in 1990, the 50th year of Sturgis. Him and his patch Brother Brian Young got into a bar room fight with 29 outlaws mc. Guess who won. Every time he'd tell the story he'd never leave out when he started to whoop ass he was on his knees. A godly man. Alot of things need to change with our Nation's. Starting with the clergy. From my 25thousand hours of study - it's bad misunderstanding that's preventing Heaven for all (including Those past) irs.
Sons of Silence MC Area Nür
Post # 1794
07-18-2021 | 17:07
Wir gratulieren Kutzi und Preisel zum neuen Status.

Ihr habt es Euch verdient.

Geht den Weg weiter.

Sons Of Silence MC
Area Nürnberg
Jody theriot
Post # 1793
05-30-2021 | 11:58
I am a old sos from 1993 2002, was living in New Orleans when you guys came down for mardi-gras in the and ya'll stayed at my house with me and my old lady . I think ya'll had a good time .love and respect for all of ya'll out there
Post # 1792
05-11-2021 | 22:38
All the best from UK..

Hoping this social distancing shit ends soon..

Lone Biker.
Post # 1791
05-01-2021 | 13:09
Ich wünsche euch Allen einen schönen 1.Mai und eine unfallfreie Saison.

Chapter Pfarrkirchen
Post # 1790
02-09-2021 | 20:44
I want to wish my Brother Klaus a very Happy Birthday, a Milestone I'm sure he never thought he would see. Happy Birthday Brother, I miss you and love you.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag mit dem Wunsch nach Gesundheit und Glück, mein Bruder
SOS Area Nürnberg
Post # 1789
01-02-2021 | 12:49

Wünschen wir unseren Brüdern und der gesamten Nation.


Sons of Silence MC
Area Nürnberg
Post # 1788
12-31-2020 | 17:25
Tina und ich wünschen Euch allen und Euren Familien
ein gutes und gesundes
und hoffentlich relativ normales
neues Jahr.

Barbar 1%er
SoS MC Pfarrkirchen
Post # 1787
12-31-2020 | 17:02
Wir wünschen unseren Brüdern, Probates, Prospects, Supportern und deren Familien einen guten Rutsch in ein hoffentlich besseres Jahr 2021.

Sons of Silence MC
Post # 1786
12-25-2020 | 09:07
Merry Christmas to all Sons
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